Source imagery and work in progress:

Bronze, Copper, Enamel

Open: 3.5" x 4" x 8"

Memory is often fragmented and obscured by time. The form of the tunnel book naturally creates a divided rendering of scenes by causing the creator to fragment images into various planes that are only whole when viewing all of them lined up together. There is an illusion of space and dimension, as well as an illustration of movement and changing perspective. This piece represents the duality of how we perceive place, memory, relationships, and how these things are altered through time. The Imagery is taken from a photograph of my brother pretending he is going to throw me into the lake which is almost technicolor in its clarity and reflected light. Obscured by shadow, my head is thrown back as I laugh in terror; one arm holds on tightly while the other swings wildly away.

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​(Don't) Let Go

Bethany Laranda Wood