Look-Out, Look-In

Sterling Silver, Tyvek

Open: 7.5" x 13" x 1"

Intimate objects are part and parcel of what reminds us of our history. Where we have been and what those experiences mean to us are often represented by collections as signifiers of memory. After the passing of my maternal grandmother in 2015, her collections of objects were distributed to those who had gifted them to her, and a fan which had been given to her by my paternal grandmother was eventually handed down to me. This gift was a starting point, a reference to memory that I did not carry, but one that resonated the ideas of conveyance and duality,  connection and distance, and the influence of past upon future. Combined with motifs of the original object, pictures from family vacations in my youth inspired the fan's imagery. When closed, a child crouches in the hollow of a decayed tree trunk; when open, two figures look out into the distant unknown of a forested horizon. 

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Source images and work in progress:

Bethany Laranda Wood